We offer two llama treks in the Mendocino Coast area. All are led by experienced guides and accompanied by our well-trained and friendly pack llamas. Our llamas can carry anything you might want to bring along, such as extra clothing, cameras, or art supplies, leaving you unburdened to meander along at an easy pace seldom enjoyed on extended hikes. Treks can be tailored to your desires, from napping on the beach to spending hours painting a waterfall.View Trek Albums 1,2 &3

Redwood Grove

The Redwood Grove is a reserve of virgin old-growth redwoods graced by the 25-foot Chamberlain Creek waterfall. This is the most difficult of our hikes, there are steep sections but the grove of redwoods are worth the hard trek. Along the way there's a beautiful spot for relaxation and reflection. Our friendly llamas can bring along your camera equipment, art supplies, and lunch. The trailhead for this trek is approximately 40 minutes from Fort Bragg. Tennis shoes will do, however, hiking boots highly recommended!


index.6 This gorgeous hike on the pacific ocean bluffs is one that everyone will enjoy. The cliffs and rock formations are breath taking. Kids love to frolick in the tall grasses and spot the sunning seals. It is suitalble for any age, child or adult. The hike out to the picnic spot is around 30-40 minutes (depending on how many times you let the llamas munch on grass, or photography breaks)

Gourmet Lunch

With each trek you have the option of any of the gourmet choices below. Tables and chairs for the gourmet lunch will be packed-in by the llamas.

Wine and Hors d'oeuvres Trek $60 per person
Choice of wine - red or white
Choice of 3 items below:
marinated mushrooms, 3 bean salad, baguette with olive oil, crackers, dips (salmon, bean, artichoke, spinach or cream cheese with hot pepper jelly), fruits, veggies with a dill sauce, sliced meats (ham, roast beef, turkey, salami) cheese cubes (havarti, muenster, pepper jack) or desert.
Wine and Hors d'oeuvres Trek $65 per person
Choice of wine red or white
Choice of 2 items above
Choice of 1 item below:
Chilled: Garlic Prawns with a cocktail sauce, Sesame Chicken with a honey mustard dipping sauce, Aram Wraps.
4 Course Gourmet Meal Trek $70 per person
(Hors d'oeuvres, main dish, side dish, desert and drinks)
Add Wine + $8 per person
Choice of main course below:
Chicken Pesto - with an Apricot glaze
Chicken Teriyaki or Chicken Cordon Bleu
Lasagna - (Roasted Red Pepper or Meat- 3 or more persons)
The Veggie- avocado, cheese, alfalfa sprouts, cucumber, olives and lettuce.
The Club- smoked turkey breast, honey ham, bacon, lettuce and cheese.
The Bleu- roast beef, saute'ed onions and red peppers, bleu cheese crumbles and horseradish.
The Chick- chicken breast with bacon, avocado and pepper jack.

10 and under free, (lunch is not provided. if you would like me to prepare, $20)

Children 11-15 $50

Treks where you provide your own lunch Adults $40, Children 11-15 $30

*substitutions may be made in place of wine (beer, juice, soda, sparkling apple cider)

SPECIAL OFFER: Seven night stays get a free trek (lunch not included).

Comfortably explore the natural beauty and unique history of our North Coast region.

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